Monday, April 7, 2014

Major League Clu Haywood Chit Chat at Bat

Twenty five years ago today, the number one box office hit movie "Major League" premiered.  In the film, Clue Haywood was a triple crown winning slugger who had Indian's pitcher Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn's number until the end.   

What lent additional authenticity to the diamond drama was the inclusion of a real Major League ballplayer in some of the scenes.  Clu Haywood was played by 11 year MLB journeyman pitcher Pete Vuckovich.  Major League's writer/director David S. Ward encouraged Vuckovich to improvise during his batting scenes in order to say something which ballplayers would say during an at-bat.  

Clu's quip to the Indians catcher was meant to  unnerve the opponent during a crucial at-bat.  But the damn Yankee's  (sic) jibe did not distract the key members of the fictitious Tribe when it most counted. 

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