Monday, January 6, 2014

Twelfth Night Toss

For years, ABC TV hosted "The Wide World of Sports", which was an anthology series highlighting sports from around the globe which were seldom, if ever, broadcast on American television.  The eighth annual Christmas Tree Throwing World Championship a.ka. Knut-fest held in the southern German city of Weidenthal certainly would qualify for coverage. Knut-fest references St. Knut, who is considered to be the saint of Twelfth Night, when Nordic cultures takes down Christmas decorations.

Competitors are asked to strip their Yuletide trees of all lights and other decorations before seeing how far they can throw them.  There are three classes of competition: 1) Weitwurt (or javelin style) 2) Hammerwurf (or hammer style) and 3) Hochwurf (or high jumping style).

While some may dismiss the not so serious competition, Frank Schwender, a 48 year old local from nearby Frankeneck, had been the three time champion of the competition, by throwing his tree 22.45 meters over the three throwing disciplines.  That's a long way to toss a tree!

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