Thursday, January 23, 2014

Team USA-- Uniformly Ugly in Sochi?

Get a load of the Ralph Lauren designed uniforms for Team USA to wear for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Ralph Lauren designed 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies  uniform

Something seems to have gotten lost in the transition from Ralph Lauren's design studios in New York to the production facility at the Carver's ranch in Bend, Oregon.  The busy design from Ralph Lauren exterior outfit looks reminiscent to the ugly sweater which an aunt gives you for Christmas.

Ralph Lauren designed "Team USA" sweaters for 2014 Winter Olympics 

It is curious that the sweater does not proclaim Team USA but instead Polo?  Are  polo matches part of the Winter Olympiad (sic)?   Obviously, Ralph Lauren is branding his product without regards to promoting Team USA. 

It is sad to see that Jessie Vetter, the Goaltender for the USA's Women's Hockey Team, was forced to alter her mask to not advertise yet Ralph Lauren can shamelessly brand his ugly uniforms during the opening ceremonies.  

Team USA Womens' Hockey Goaltender Jessie Vetter  and her prohibited goaltender's mask 

 Vetter planned to wear a mask designed by Ron Slater which included her surname as well as a prominent graphic of the Constitution's opening proclamation:  "We the People".  The name was prohibited in the spirit of teamwork.  The objection to "We the People" stems from the International Olympic Committee,  as Rule 50 does not allow for wording on uniforms for any Olympic competition uniforms.  Vetter's helmet was allowed to keep the a depiction of the Statue of Liberty, a screaming bald eagle and a USA shield. 

If there is any redeeming virtue from the Team USA Olympic Opening Ceremonies uniforms, at least they are produced in the USA.

In my estimation, the only way these uniforms could be worse is if it incorporated meggings .  But based upon these Opening Ceremonies uniforms, the United States may be accused of winning ugly.

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