Monday, February 22, 2016

Louis Farrakhan on Basketball

During an annual Savior's Day Convention in Detroit, Michigan, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan compared well compensated pro basketball players to slaves.

The 82 year old Farrakhan seem to take particular umbrage at how players are drafted by teams. Farrakhan told the crowd at Joe Louis Arena:
Well, that’s that what you do in sports. You run up and down the field, show them how swift you are, how clever you are. And they’re sitting there, watching you, timing you: ‘That’s a good one. I’ll get him. I’m drafting him.'

Perhaps Farrakhan condemnations might not have been so harsh had his grandson Mustaffah Farrakhan done better in the NBA draft.   Alas, for now the 27 year old languishes in the NBA Development League with the Oklahoma City Blue 

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