Friday, October 16, 2015

Double Amputee Defensive Lineman's Drive Motivates Team

Joe Martel III is a 14 year old freshman who made the Beggs (Oklahoma) High School Golden Demons football team.  What makes him unique is that Martel is a double amputee.  Martel was born without shin bone. To treat the tibal hemimelia, Martel's legs were amputated at age 1 1/2.  

However Martel has never let a couple of missing limbs keep him from his love of sports, especially football.  As a pee-wee player, Martel would put Koosies on his stumps as padding while out on the field.  When playing games, Martel can put on prosthetic limbs, but in practice, particularly when rushing up and down the stands, he hurls himself up bleachers without them.  

Martel's Football coach Lee Blankenship rightly points to Martel's example,  not only for overcoming his handicap, but for his work ethic and positive attitude.

So often sports can be diminished into statistics or win-loss records.  Joe Martel III highlights how determination, drive and disposition can be inspirational. 

h/t: The Root

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