Friday, November 28, 2014

Mickey Rourke on Boxing

At age 62, Mickey Rourke revived his boxing career by taking to the ring against an American boxer in Moscow.

This is not a new, one-time stunt to draw attention to a flagging acting career.  Prior to becoming an actor, Rourke had accrued a record of 27 wins (17 by knockout) and three defeats between 1964-1973.

In 1991, when Rourke felt as if he was self-destructing and had no respect for himself as an actor, he went back to boxing.  In eight fights, Rourke went undefeated with six wins (four by knockout) and two draws. 

 These victories did not come without physical and mental costs to Rourke, as he suffered from a broken nose, toe, ribs, a split tongue and compressed cheekbones. Some deem Rourke's  reconstructive facial surgery to have left him "appallingly disfigured".  Rourke himself admitted that he had gone to the "wrong guy" for the reconstructive surgery and that his his plastic surgeon left his features "a mess".  Moreover, Rourke has suffered some short term memory loss.

Post Scriptus 11/29/2014:  Rouke won his match against 29 year old American pugilist Elliot Seymour.   However, critics claim that Rourke's fight against an opponent 33 years his junior was fixed and was more of a P.R. stunt. 

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