Friday, October 3, 2014

NY Giants Co-owner Steve Tisch's Sick Sense of Humor

TMZ Sports caught New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch exiting a West Hollywood restaurant if he was concerned about playing in Dallas due to first confirmed case of Ebola being diagnosed in the Big D.

Tisch claimed that the Giants had nothing to worry about for their game on October 19th at Jerryworld (a.k.a. AT and T Stadium).  But Tisch jocularly jibed that the Cowboys would be infected first.  

DC-Jockularity revels in colorful quotes about sports.  Moreover, it does not obsess over political correctness. That being said, Tisch's quips were "too soon"and not the right forum.  The joke might have worked as bar banter among the boys.  But where you stand is where you sit.  Tisch was in public representing the New York Giants as an owner.  His joke seemed like sick humor.  It does not befit a media experienced individual like Tisch.

In 2007, Tufts University awarded Steve Tisch with the P.T. Barnum Award for exceptional work in the media and entertainment.  This award was not an invitation to turn things into a media circus. 

h/t: TMZ Sports

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