Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Peewee Player Is a Player

Presley Smith, the twelve year old Left Fielder for the Pearland East (Texas) All Stars Little League team was not daunted by a tough question by a sports reporter. 

 ESPN's Jay Crawford threw a verbal fastball at the five foot tall Little Leaguer from suburban Houston, asking if he had the ability to go deep despite his diminutive stature.  Presley Smith confidently replied about being "five foot tall of pure dynamite.  Then Presley Smith showed off his bicep and speculated "I'm pretty sure that I can-- I just got to get good contact on the ball." 

Perhaps Presley Smith can credit his confidence and understanding his role from his manager (and father) Don Smith, who had been a coach for the Pearland team which lost the U.S. Championship game in the 2010 Little League World Series in 2010.  Manager Smith observed  "The 2010 team a little more power probably, probably was a little more physically mature. These boys play much bigger than they are. "

Presley was also given good advice from his older brother Hunter, who had also played for the 2010 Pearland team who suggested:  "to go out there and play baseball. Don't worry about the fans; just play some baseball with all your friends."  Alas, since Hunter Smith is a wide receiver for the Pearland High School football team, his practice schedule precludes seeing all of his kid brothers games in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 

Presley Smith seems to have taken the advice from his Coach/Father and brother to heart.  Presley's answer shows understanding of his role for the team.  But the factoid listed on the TV chyron indicates that he's just one of the boys, as his favorite hobby is "talking to girls".  It seems that this peewee player is really a player.

But in the final standings this year , Pearland East placed fourth in the US division of the Little League Championship.

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