Friday, July 18, 2014

F.I.F.A.'s Red Card for Formula One Helmet Celebrating German World Cup Victory

Formula One driver Nico Rosberg had a grand plan to honor his native Germany winning the World Cup.  The German Grand Prix will be held in Hockenham, Germany.  The 29 year old driver for Mercedes Benz "Silver Arrow" team planned to sport a helmet which celebrated Germany's fourth World Cup victory in Rio de Janeiro.

Unfortunately, trademark troubles threw a spanner in the works for this Formula One tribute.  F.I.F.A. gave a red card to the design as the trophy's likeness was protected.  F.I.F.A issued a firm but friendly denial to Rosberg's design.

"We appreciate Nico Rosberg's desire to congratulate the German team and have therefore been in discussions with the Rosberg team, who have now found a solution whereby he will still be able to show his support for Germany without using FIFA's intellectual property in a commercial context."

If only the international football organization was consistent in protecting its trademark from Formula One racers.  In 2006,  Jarno Trulli raced in the French Grand Prix with an image of the trophy on his helmet celebrating Italty's victory, and he suffered no sanctions. 

Rosberg tweeted that he understood F.I.F.A.'s trophy trademark prohibition. 

 Rosberg tweaked his helmet design to include four gold stars marking Germany's World Cup wins.

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