Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crossfit to be Tied?

A social media posting generated considerable controversy on the prudence of keeping "super fit" during pregnancy.  

Lee-Ann Ellison is a 35 year old mother of two  from California who is a  body builder who refuses to stop doing what she loves, even two weeks before parturition. Ellison started training for weightlifting figure competitions in 1998.  

Ellison's training is CrossFit, which is a training regimen designed for the military, fighters and professional athletes.  Ellison observed that: "After the birth of my second child, I knew that I needed to step it up. I loved being a Mom, but I wanted to be a hot Mom." 

 Although Ellison is capable of lifting up to 190 pounds on a barbell, she has limited herself to 75 pounds on an abundance of caution. She notes that: "Weightlifting is no joke, it's not for newbies."

The influence over an uneducated public is what has given birth to the storm of controversy. Current medical advice does not prohibit weightlifting, but the method matters, as certain stances can cut off circulation.  Many are concerned that the unborn child is being endangered by the wellness regimen. 

In an interview with a British news source ParentDish, Ellison opined: 

Fitness begins early and pregnancy is not an illness. Moms need to quit being suppressed into a weaker role and take their health back. Move their bodies! Whether it is walking, swimming or weight lifting it doesn’t matter. As long as they eat healthy and exercise, their bodies will gain what weight is necessary to support their pregnancy.
It is also revealing that Ellison's religious beliefs listed on social media is "Love thyself first."

While Ellison's zeal for keeping personally fit is commendable, the promotion of her story by Crossfit may inspire other pregnant women who are less well trained to engage in activities unfit for the new life they are hosting.

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